Rico Noël


you’re born to be driven

The G90, flagship model of the luxury brand, has been developed around one simple truth: The main usage of a car like this is not to drive. But being driven.

The heart of the campaign, a TVC. In a captivating one shot following the life of a working-class kid we created a journey through five decades. His position in various cars changes from one seat to the other as he grows older. It starts like it starts for all of us, in the comfy backseat of the parents’ car. And against all odds, it ends where only those who never stop moving on arrive: back in the backseat.

We created the global 360° campaign. 6 films in total + cutdowns over 40 images, a 6 minute USP film, print ads, OOH, 6 FB Instant experience ads, Instagram Landingpages, LinkedIn Ads as well as a feature film and the website.

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